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We welcome you to Spring Valley Public School ,Kanadia Road, with a commitment to nurture and equip young learners with the uncommon ability of self-exploration and development. Our aim is to nurture children to become confident, sensitive, socially committed and well-rounded individuals, equipped to become young envoys of progress. Our children grow in the best of environment and under the guidance of competent faculty, elements indispensable today for gaining knowledge and understanding.

The process of admission reflects sensitivity and ease. Post the submission of the Application Form, parents are given a guided tour of the school facilities. This is followed by an interaction of both the parents with the school Principal where a complete view of the philosophy, vision and methodology of the school is shared.


At kinder Care of Spring Valley, our focus is to nurture children with sensitivity towards their absorbent mind and stages of development .Children grow in an environment that understands and responds to their unexpressed thoughts and cares for their uniqueness and independence

The themebasedmethod is applied for complete evolution of personality. The ultimate integration of the environment to their observant mind and the body.It is possible with our highly aware mind.

The kinder care environment is a little more than home, where the child is guided confidently to adapt and develop mastery over the environment; where the emotional self of the child is understood and led towards joyous self esteem, where each learning experience is set up to make child aware.