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DR. Vineeta Manocha, Ex-Principal Spring Valley Public School, education department Faculty is a distinguished educator and administrator, a postgraduate in Education and Botany from University of Delhi with a professional degree in education.

She has a career spanning over two decades with enriching experiences as teacher, researcher and then principal. She firmly believes that each child is unique and that the educational system should facilitate and address the uniqueness and individuality of each child.

She seeks to ensure that the classroom transaction is oriented towards meeting individual’s needs and brings an all-round development and refinement of the students’ personality. Her motto is to provide education for lifetime.

With twenty five years of rich experience as a proficient professional her interests is to incorporate powerful dynamics in learning practices in classrooms. Her extensive contributions to promote a deeper connect between the learners and teachers and her abiding belief in sustaining democracy in classrooms and schools reflects in all her endeavors.

Along with the stress on academics, the focus has to be on development of skills and efficiency of the children through involvement in activities, as participation helps to discover and unleash their talents.

She is an illuminator who provides students with vision and believes that education is ever evolving. Her desire to influence students positively continues.

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In lock down times, though our day to day operational services came to a sudden  halt. We made sure that our students are indulging in blended learning. The students have been kept busy by educational learning and activities. The school has been providing recorded sessions and live classes to form SVPS as a positive school inside out. We look forward to welcoming our children with their happy and enthusiastic faces.